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We did a #StarWarsRebels #RP on Twitter. Here’s a brief moment to it. Then we will “write around” the dialogue to give it more breadth and depth to see the viability of this story arc within the context of #SWR. Formally … Continue reading

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senatoryemaja: A LOT of work went in to write this piece. One of our oldest fanfics. Senator Yemaja Mlise Lah

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starwarsswag77: We are a part of the writing group just in time for The Last Jedi: @kylorenswag77 @reystarwars77 @reylosmut Celebrate the Waking

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empirestrikesblack: Lucasfilm failed its diverse fanbase by not sharing fandom with them. They know that. We’ve written them, before the Disney purchase. So they don’t want to fix it. That’s how it has been for 8 years since SWAG77 involvement. … Continue reading

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In a lot of RPs, there are gaslighters. They put you down as an RPer and fail to support you. They also get other RPers to reject you. That is called gaslighting. 11 Signs of Gaslighting in a Relationship

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imwhe: Concept art: me: *moves to the hotel and never leaves* Disney wants to launch a ‘Star Wars’ starship luxury resort, and it looks like a fan’s dream

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Tentative Celebration Schedule

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Passing: The Problem With Autistic People Being Forced to ‘Act Normal’ | The Mighty

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getthrawnin: thrawnisbae: getthrawnin: thrawnisbae: getthrawnin: And so Outbound Flight. Something I told casuals to read a month ago. If you don’t know who Parck is or why Thrawn knows who Anakin Skywalker is, you’d better get Outbound Flight and read … Continue reading

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Freezing Rainbows · SWAG_77

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