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Funny how my campaign team is already working on a plan to increase “Finnity”… 

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Ex-ISB spy admits tip led to Saw Gerrera’s long imprisonment Former operative says Imperials believed the Rebel leader was ‘completely under the control of the Separatists’, report reveals A tip from a ISB spy to authorities in Imperial-era led Onderon … Continue reading

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#StarWarsRebels: Is #EzraBridger = Supreme Leader Snoke?

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Hah! What if a commercial during the Superbowl shows that Disney Lucasfilm added new scenes in #StarWars #TheForceawkens?

Of course go see it, again several times over. All too easy… If true, support: bit.ly/TFA77   

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The First Order is a government based in socialism.

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tohdaryl: bigbigtruck: redribbonrobot: kylorenisapunkbltch: Star Wars: The Force Awakens Anime Opening (I’m so sorry) I’ve watched this about a dozen times. It is PERFECT ❤ FUCK hahahahaha this is amazing! XD BWHAHAHAAAA!!!!

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The First Order (often abbreviated to FO) is a large, Imperial-remnant of 700,000 based in Carida, with holdings in Nkllon, Orisian, Manan (Benin) and along the Hydian Way. The FO emphasizes and claims to support a myriad of Imperial values, … Continue reading

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Every bad actor is going to get worse. Every bad actor in the galaxy has taken the measure of the man Supreme Leader Snoke and determined there are no consequences, there is no price to be paid. So, what Kylo … Continue reading

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Onderon First Order Say They’re Getting Worse Treatment Than Rebel Lives Matter Movement “They don’t get any backlash, not on the level that we’re getting.” First Order soldiers at the entrance to the Eurmalh Refuge headquarters on Onderon, which an … Continue reading

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