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ICYMI: #StarWars #TheForceAwakens “IS SNOKE A VONG”

LISTEN to DrG- discuss a little bit of Star Wars Rebels episode “Wings of the Master”; Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels; and Star Wars The Force Awakens: Is SNOKE A YUUZHAN VONG Advertisements

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Death Star Putt-Putt LOVE FOLLOWS/LIKES you need #StarWarsCelebration #SWCO

Love our LIKES AND FOLLOWS at #SWCO Continue reading

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@SWAG_77 Podcast: #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim Prep!

Visit our fan table at #StarWarsCelebration. Booth 1613. Learn about the secret Death Star plans from the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 on our podcast… 😉

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#StarWars THIS RIGHT HERE -> LISTEN #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels #StarWarsCelebration

#StarWarsCelebration 2015 Commemorative Commercial for the #GetThrawnIn campaign. The campaign is about getting Grand Admiral Thrawn, a formidable character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe back into the new canon, particularly Star Wars Rebels TV show. We feel that he … Continue reading

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#StarWarsCelebration Costs. Our Plea & Help us. We’re Ready!

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 pushed itself into fundraising which it hates to do. It prefers to deliver performances on social media. The reason for money is to have a nice fan table at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim on … Continue reading

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The Hottest Man In #StarWars — DEREK LYONS Interview

Interview with DEREK LYONS in cooperation with Tony’s Podcast, Geek Talk.

DEREK LYONS is the iconic image of Medal Bearer and several other actors in the Original Trilogy and has played characters opposite to very famous actors like Robert Mitchum. Continue reading

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Listen to the SWAG 77 Podcast on Roleplay Performance on Social Media #StarWarsRebels

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Podcast for September 21, 2014. We discuss roleplay performance the SWAG 77 way that falls under rules given to us by Lucasfilm. Continue reading

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LISTEN to the recording of #StarWars “A New Dawn” Prologue by Dave Filoni

Forget the Old Way and trust the Force. Continue reading

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Our Review of #StarWars #DarthMaul Son of Dathomir #4

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 crew as they gather for the final installment of “Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir”. Continue reading

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A Force To Reckon With – In memorial to Mr. Jason “Obi-Wan” Wolfe

Master Qui-Gon found him on the planet Tatooine when we had to land Queen Amidala’s ship there cause of some damage going through the blockade at Naboo. Qui-Gon said he had the highest midichlorian count he had ever seen, even more than Master Yoda. Qui-Gon thought he was the chosen one from the Jedi prophecy. I hope Master Qui-Gon was right.

As for you Queen Amidala you will be safe with me. Continue reading

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