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THE MANDALORIAN: Thoughts and Speculations

After watching THE MANDALORIAN on Disney Plus several times, here are a few thoughts and speculations. There will only be minor line and observation spoilers

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reylosmut: Moonlit Reflections in Rapture: Isolates “Please. Don’t leave me.” “I will find you. I promise…Rey.” “How did you know my name–” Rey jolts awakes in her bed in the AT-AT. She looks at the time and has time to … Continue reading

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This dysfunction. Need David Futrelle to rip him to shreds. An Open Letter to Rey from Star Wars

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getthrawnin: Death and the Maiden – String Quartet No. 14 in D minor by Franz Shubert (source). 1823 and 1824 were hard years for Schubert. For much of 1823 he was sick, some scholars believe with an outburst of tertiary … Continue reading

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