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Dear #StarWars Fan Police: Overpolicing Star Wars Fandom Brutality

Fans express their fandom uniquely. It is a personal choice. There is no one way to pursue fandom. Being a fan is about camaraderie and fun. It is about freedom of expression and exchange of ideas so that we all revel in delight. Fans come at different levels. Some just want to bask in the sunlight, and glide along the waves. Some fans want to dive deep into the ocean of the Star Wars milieu. Some fans want doctorates of literature, filmmaking, pop culture iconography in Star Wars. Some fans have Ph.D.’s in Star Wars.

But whatever one’s fandom, it is not lumping an entire group of fans into a pile and debasing or trolling them to hurt them. Continue reading

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For The Enduring Love of Padme

Her name is Padme Naberrie of Naboo. She was not the youngest ever elected Queen at the age of 14, but her terms were very important. In her early days as Queen, the planet Naboo was blockaded by the rogue Trade … Continue reading

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