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#StarWars SWAG 77 #RP Performance: The Universe Regained

Our RP Story plot: Sabine Wren was outfitted with her clan mandala as a baby before her mother died while Concordia, a moon of Mandalore was bombarded by strange, new fleet of large-sized triangular ships (Star Destroyers) in 19-20 BBY. Sabine was given to Bo-Katan for safekeeping and whisked away to another planet (Lothal). The data stored on Sabine’s clan mandala was procured during the raid of the Mandalorian Sundari Banking Tower in 20 BBY. The data is what got Satine killed by Maul. The data was erased by Darth Sidious, but he does not know a copy was made. Now in 5 BBY, the Rebels need the data to fight the Empire. Continue reading

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