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THE MANDALORIAN: Thoughts and Speculations

After watching THE MANDALORIAN on Disney Plus several times, here are a few thoughts and speculations. There will only be minor line and observation spoilers

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In 2012, SWAG77 investigated the idea of the Corellian Jedi as a story Disney Lucasfilm could pursue. We created a Facebook Page, but no other social media nodes: https://www.facebook.com/CorellianJedi/ The above picture is Jedi Master Nejaa Halcyon, son of Keiran … Continue reading

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By hating the Emperor and trying to rebel, Jedi are only increasing the severity of his policies against them. If Jedi throughout the galaxy try to instill into the mind of the Emperor and the Empire recognition of the ideals … Continue reading

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Generally, we do not show these kinds of accolades because we think Star Wars fans should like us based on the work we actively do, today.  In 2011, the famous Star Wars author, Timothy Zahn has liked a hallmark SWAG77 … Continue reading

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Jedi Targeted The Emperor of the Galaxy During The Clone Wars. During the 4th year of the Clone Wars, before Knightfall, the Jedi targeted the Emperor on his homeworld on Naboo. When Rebels claim they do not seek violence because … Continue reading

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#KananJarrus Jedi Knighting Trial. Now known as Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus. Congratulations @RealFPJr. #StarWarsRebels

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True or not? You decide. Was Alderaan an inside job?

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WATCH: AVEMUT HEAT ASKED ABOUT ‘JEDI’ EMPEROR PALPATINE During a town hall meeting in Imperial senatorial candidate Avemut Heat was asked about Emperor Sheev Palpatine being a Jedi. A man asked, “We have a problem in this galaxy, it’s called … Continue reading

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Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That’s is how we role

First world problems. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is a business first. That is how the owner wants it. That’s what we do. Our motivation is to be a Business to Business service to movie production companies and publishing … Continue reading

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Whew that was an awesome #StarWarsCelebration!

So proud of the SWAG77 booth. Death Star Putt-Putt was the best. Jedi Meditation not so much…. Too much excitement. A dozen #KissAChiss T-shirts won and worn by #StarWars #Chiss fans was exciting. We started playing for candy. Made Thrawn … Continue reading

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