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Went through ISB checkpoint with my #MEGA cap on to remind stormtroopers that their jobs are disposable and they’re non-essential. Their credits come from the Emperor. What a galaxy we live in where we accept that. #AbolishTheISB #TaxationIsTheft Xoe’iram’tiak (flipped … Continue reading

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They use their holotransmissions to assassinate real Imperial news. They use the Outer Rim to teach younglings that their Emperor is a Sith Lord. They use their holodramas and senators and Gungans and Jedi glories to repeat their narrative over … Continue reading

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Perhaps we, as a galaxy, should focus on addressing & resolving the issues for which #Rebels are *actually* taking a knee (hint: it’s NOT remotely because…they disrespect our flag/galaxy/military AT ALL) and worry less about silencing those protests. Believe them … Continue reading

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The Eight Human Identities

1. Are you a Humanocentrist who maintains and advocates a clearly marked Human society that preserves, names, and values Human superiority? 2. Are you into Human Voyeurism? This means being a Human Voyeur who would not challenge a Humanocentrist’s stated … Continue reading

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That is how the Empire recruits people. That is how they turned normal people into Stormtroopers and Imperial Officers. They found them when they are weak, made them feel worthless and built them back up. Flipped comment (source)

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The Empire told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command. Llewroegroe G 4819 (flipped source)

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Senior ex-Galactic Repubic Intelligence official: Count Dooku made Avemut Heat ‘an unwitting agent’ of Raxus Separatist Holdouts. A former top Galactic Republic Intelligence official attacked Avemut Heat as a danger to galactic security, saying Chairman Count Dooku had made the … Continue reading

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Coruscant HoloNet Host Aridid Waterlust: Enslave Undocumented Alien Separatists Unless They Leave Waterlust, Who Recently Hosted Wilhuff Tarkin, Asked, “What’s Wrong With Slavery?” Coruscant HoloNet host and influential Imperial kingmaker Aridid Waterlust unveiled a large projects employment plan that would … Continue reading

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