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If you haven’t yet had the displeasure of watching that little limp peen’s response to Emperor Palpatine’s Galactic Empire State of the Union, I suggest you take some pink bisthmus or some menstruation meds or whatever you need to do … Continue reading

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The Eight Human Identities

1. Are you a Humanocentrist who maintains and advocates a clearly marked Human society that preserves, names, and values Human superiority? 2. Are you into Human Voyeurism? This means being a Human Voyeur who would not challenge a Humanocentrist’s stated … Continue reading

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Alien Charged With Trying To Blow Up Ord Mantell Building (flipped source) (Like this, support us: paypal.me/SWAG77) A self-proclaimed anti-Imperial Rebel has been charged with trying to blow up an Ord Mantell bank with a 1,000-light plasma bomb that turned … Continue reading

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2 on Dantooine Separatist flag case sentenced to lengthy prison terms Light freighter convoy disrupted child’s birthday party ANAXAS-NEWS By Rosben Tleyalind – The Anaxas HoloNet Realtime News As the defendants wept uncontrollably, a Dantooine judge sentenced two people to … Continue reading

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Jaschaf Fetzon says planet ‘Rebels’ hijacked town hall meeting Representative Jaschaf Fetzon said the raucous reaction he received the town hall meeting was “bullying and an attempt at intimidation” from a crowd opposed to the election of Imperial Senate Leader … Continue reading

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Why Straight Mandalorian Women Are Marrying Each Other In Mandalorian Space, Abighawo Rthail discovers an empowering clan tradition undergoing a modern revival. Mugman Ingoosi and Anasju Matasia’s homestead lies among a cluster of hamlets that make up the remote village … Continue reading

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#DebateIdeas #PrincessLeia smacks #AvemutHeat’s right on his pursed anus lips and says ‘Stay down you smug specieist Kriffwit or I’ll disintegrate you’ Bad plan? Jasiss Acson (flipped source)

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AVEMUT HEAT ADDRESSES  MON MOTHMA CORRUPTION AND HER SABOTAGE OF THE OUTER RIM PLANETS It is so great to be back in Humbarine. I have developed such deep affection for this planet and for its people. My first victory took … Continue reading

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HoloNet’s Ker Alro blasts Soontir Fel during spirited debate with Buly Bilsh: ‘He lied!’  Soontir Fel should be glad Ker Alro isn’t conducting his exclusive sit-down interview for HoloNet. The veteran HoloNet spacer prognosticator and “Imperial Today” show anchor ripped … Continue reading

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Decolonise, not Diversify The concept of diversity only exists if there is an assumed neutral point from which ‘others’ are ‘diverse.’ Putting aside for now the Imperial, male, core-planetness of that ‘neutral’ space, its dominant aspect is humanity. Constructed by … Continue reading

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