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rpfunstuff: Girl characters don’t get enough recognition and boy muns don’t get enough respect in the rp community. Sexism in this community is very real and vile. The rp community on here is very female dominated and that’s great! It’s … Continue reading

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One thing is for damn sure, this article did not speak to us, SWAG77. Here’s the article: http://observer.com/2018/05/star-wars-fandom-toxic-disney-lucasfilm/

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Why we help is beyond us? Some folks are ungrateful.

But when fandom calls, we are eager to help anyway we can. A fan artist created a great image of a lead character in Star Wars. We just felt that a few people at Lucasfilm should know about it and … Continue reading

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Hello, Dr. G- speaking. Owner of Star Wars Actors Guild 77 under Ariafya LLC. The history of our tiny fan group is listed on SWAG77.com should you be interested. There is no need to prove more of it here. Since … Continue reading

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This gallery contains 4 photos.

Sounds like some #StarWars fan groups… Some that think fundraising overrides their iniquities toward fans.

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SW Celebration 2017 with SWAG77!

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Dear #StarWars Fan Police: Overpolicing Star Wars Fandom Brutality, Fans express their fandom uniquely.  It is a personal choice. There is no one way to pursue fandom. Being a fan is about camaraderie and fun. It is about freedom of … Continue reading

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Fans did something to change #StarWars and no troll will ever take it away

pep-no: igotswag77: The #GetThrawnIn campaign to get Grand Admiral Thrawn re-canonized started in January, 2015 after a troll attack. We had just finished interviewing Tom Kane, the voice actor for Yoda in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and I asked … Continue reading

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I don’t think these fools get it, you ain’t getting into the Star Wars game if you don’t understand the rules of it and you’re not playing it…

islesanctuary: empirestrikesblack: I’ve been in the Star Wars game for 7 years. 2 Celebrations. Several podcasts. A few Youtubes. 4 letters to Lucasfilm, with responses. And one successful campaign to get Thrawn in re-canonized. There are laments online about how … Continue reading

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There were quite a few #StarWars fans that really worked hard on this campaign to get #Thrawn in #StarWarsRebels

getthrawnin: From the Dakotas to Canada to Florida to the UK to California – several fans promote all our posts for the betterment of fandom. Thank you to them, especially during a time when the owner’s family was in peril … Continue reading

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