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In 2009, Star Wars had no Black women as lead characters. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 created their own original characters: AUSET LAH, SENATOR YEMAJA LAH, and OSUN’OYA LAH-WINDU. Continue reading

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#StarWars HATES #BlackWomen

Name one lead character in any current TV/movie production?

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Original posts. See, in 2011, I wrote a letter to Lucasfilm how diversity needs to be addressed due to the cyberbullying. I showed screenshots to prove my point. They wrote back clueless. I abandoned Twitter because of the harassment. No … Continue reading

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You slammed my efforts in 2011 when the chance to change was going on. I hate this because I am one of the Black women that bust my ass to be in clouded in the fandom. Because I do not … Continue reading

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Truth: Why are we pursing a ship type social media than a noble one, like getting a Black Woman in Star Wars?

swrpu: Because the grief is not worth it to do the “right thing” alone. I’d need more support. Voices stronger than mine. Social media viral marketing that I can’t do alone. I’m not going to bring a Black Woman into … Continue reading

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otherbully1: That sad feeling when you’re a star wars fan and you wanna take part in the excitement over Rogue One but you’re a black woman and there are no woc, let alone any black women in the movie.. so … Continue reading

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Our POC RP character portrayal REPRESENTATION on Tumblr

empirestrikesblack: @sabinewren77 – canon @senatoryemaja – OC non-canon @ketsuonyo77 – canon @raesloane77 – novel canon @mazkanata77 – canon @finnstarwars77 – canon NOT an RP character but used as a social media conduit: @teamtano Other characters in the SWAG77 that are … Continue reading

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