How anyone, including nefarious pull a copyright notice on your content

We receive notices from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Tumblr all the time that we have violated copyright from material that has been posted for YEARS on our tiny site.

Why now? Who are these people?

The last time it happened, Trump won the US Presidency with voter tampering.

So we question who these people REALLY ARE and if their pulling items from the bots used to search are REAL and why?

It is not fair to accuse United States citizens when all these companies were FOUNDED on United States soil and used LAND and LINES in the UNITED STATES to profit off their business.

There needs to be transparency.

Why is this on a Star Wars fan-based site? Because, oppression occurs to us nerds that do not “fit” these businesses paradigms. Otherwise, it’s terrorism tactics and we will protest.

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