My God, we have written so much headcanons and metas for our characters in #StarWars. I mean 5-6 different characters in one sitting. Who else does this? Five to Six or Seven characters with Two to Three story arc concepts with fan art and expression visuals? I have seen most people do 1 or 2 or maybe 3. I have seen most people play themselves for friend generation. I have not seen many going pro campaigns to catch the eyes of Lucasfilm at a storyboard professional level.

One to two is doable for some people. But it is not competitive for business across platforms. You need minimum of 10 accounts, full platform (Facebook and Twitter and WordPress because Tumblr deletes blogs without notice or reason) with cross posting on all 10 accounts.

Here are our character accounts full platforms:





@edenlynch77 (2 accounts here)

@bokatan77 (2 accounts here)






Campaigns and some double IC full or partial platforms








Most days, especially for character accounts, content is written and posted. Take a visit and read their headcanons or metas. Some are written in character, which means the muse believes what is said, but the mundane does not. The writer or the mundane is using a modified method process to get into character based on everything read, heard and watched. Then they formulate and synthesize what they think is the best response to a given drabble, meta or question.

The mundane rarely writes their own personal opinion because it introduces bias to the character portrayal and equipoise is unreachable.

We prefer training under the character concept, not our personal thoughts. Which is why we limit our original characters because they are inherently our personal desires making them Mary Sues versus a part of the greater Star Wars stories untold. The OCs we have presented, are at least 8+ years old and used as Non Player Characters, now.

We must understand, that we have encountered individuals online where there is mental instability. We cannot, as a business, be responsible for stabilizing individuals who have unhealthy personalities online. It is not our profession. There are sites that manage those behaviors. A fictional world adds to delusion and unhealthiness.

Our business is telling and performing stories online, with story authenticity, accuracy and strength. We follow literary guidelines as best as we can. If you feel you want to be a part of that, contact us at and we can move forward.

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