#StarWars #RP Performance to Full Fanfiction

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 creative process was created to for fan-fiction works with a tests for audience outreach. The post is about one of many of our creative processes for the Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels campaign.

First we write a simple script or dedicate a simple idea based on the literature we have from Lucasfilm (canon and Legends). Our activities are done privately.


For this particular story, we needed to see how well our Thrawn roleplayer interacted with us and how comfortable they would be with SWAG77 roleplayers. The Thrawn RPer has had a very good independent account and has a preference for it because of real life obligations, such as a career.

Once the idea is agreed to by consensus, then we will perform within context and it is spontaneous. The setting is during the Star Wars Rebels timeline and continuity.

STORIFY is the post capture of this particular performance. It is about a visit that Thrawn will take to the planet, Eriadu (which WAS Lothal but has been changed), and Agent Kallus was being asked to set up his visit. Little does Kallus know, he is being evaluated.

Then we post process the transcripts and put them into prose story format. There will be several re-writes and substitutions and deletions. Finally we create our Archive On Our Own Story (AO3).

Star Wars: The Vernissage – Interlude II

Our works will be featured in several writing challenges, such as NaNoWriMo as well as others.

Finally, we promote our stories accordingly to all our social media platforms for the fans to enjoy.

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