Saawariya – Artistically Done Across the Stars


Star Wars Rebels: The Vernissage (15863 words) by SWAG_77
Chapters: 8/?
Fandom: Star Wars – All Media Types, Star Wars Legends – All Media Types, Star Wars: Rebels
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Thrawn | Mitth’raw’nuruodo, Darth Vader, Stormtroopers, Chiss Troopers, Imperials – Character, Sabine Wren, Lando Calrissian, Rebels – Character, The Emperor, Sheev Palpatine | Darth Sidious
Additional Tags: Observations, Star Wars Actors Guild 77, SWAG 77
Series: Part 1 of Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels

Mitth’raw’nuruodo, a Chiss Imperial Officer emotionally distant and a cool reflective of his leadership in the Galactic Empire. His strategies and tactics work better devoid of emotion. The Chiss Ascendancy taught him that. As a Grand Admiral in the Galactic Empire life bores him. Art brought him creature-comfort joy. Until he met a¬†young Rebel woman, a Mandalorian, an artist who excites him and give him room to breathe, creatively. A fiery passion ignites his desires. The Chiss thought the Ascendancy excise those genes from the gene pool through eugenics. Turns out his desires for community are not genetic. They expand in the Force.

Fan art by Panda Capuccino


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