Fan art on Tumblr

Some people’s blogs, like ALL OF MINE feed into Facebook, Twitter and Google+

That means exposure of your art to a reach of 50K+ people. 

When you act salty toward me about not putting your full name, date, serial number, credit card, etc. because I may have obtained the image from other sources, then that means to me in business that I will cut your ENTIRE LINE OFF from access to ANY of my blogs. Basically, your art is unshareable and unworthy in my mind.  It’s worthless. Maybe I might pin it. Most likely not.

I don’t deserve POOR TREATMENT from artists who are crazy when I’m returning a marketing reach of 50K+ exposure. You want to make money, but your art on watermark and society 6 or deviant and go from there.  That is the way it is. 

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