ICYMI: #StarWars #TheForceAwakens “IS SNOKE A VONG”


LISTEN to DrG- discuss a little bit of Star Wars Rebels episode “Wings of the Master”Get Thrawn In Star Wars Rebels; and Star Wars The Force Awakens: Is SNOKE A YUUZHAN VONG

Finn – Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens – Advanced Graphics Life Size Cardboard Standup

SWAG 77 Thrawn Powerpack

SWAG 77 Thrawn Powerpack

phero BB-8 App-Enabled Droid

Mozart Piano Concerto No 25 K 503 Allegretto – La Marsaillaise piece


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  1. Yemmy says:

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    Zhaelor. Infidels don’t deserve the sacredness of being Yuuzhan Vong.

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