#StarWars #FanFiction by @SWAG_77: Rising Force Rebellious Seed – The Foretelling: Prologue (revision)

Senator Yemaja's Nocturnal Transmissions

Korunnai Jedi Knight Djan Mbend and Jedi Master Zora Mbend of Haruun Kal. (courtesy art by James Loveless)

Prologue: Long after the Sith Wars, a group of Jedi were marooned on the planet, Haruun Kal. They and their powerful Force sensitive children lived for several generations in the upcountry jungles in peace. They called themselves Korun or Korunnai. Then aliens and humans discovered Haruun Kal and developed the lower areas into a monstrous metropolis. They named their sprawling city, Pelek Baw and called themselves Balawians. Their city eroded the jungle with their mining excavations, and placed living restriction on the Korunnai in the jungle. That was when the Korunnai started to die. Djan and Zora Mband were the last in their line that had ties to the Jedi Council on Coruscant and a meeting was arranged to explain their goal, which was to build a Jedi temple on Haruun Kal…

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