Hey…#StarWars Fans, Ignore Us #RPers, We’ll Go Away – SAID NO ONE EVER!

Roleplayers are important for your product promotion Disney Lucasfilm

Star Wars Performance University

Some Fans cosplay. Some Fans podcast. And Some fans post. But the fans that roleplay on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and G+) are different. Their fandom is more intense..

They might cosplay, might podcast and probably do a lot of general posts. But if they roleplay, they have discuss and share their ideas in a post in their character based on little information of their look.

To roleplay Star Wars online requires a lot of reading: reading regularly, reading references and news articles, and then more reading… Some roleplayers (RPers) don’t do that, and it reflects on their roleplay (RP). But the good ones are always READING STAR WARS ALL THE TIME!

Why we don’t make this a job or a career choice is beyond me. This roleplay stuff consumes the bulk of my time to keep up with the latest novels and the reference books.

There are many reasons why people…

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