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We are planning a heavy-duty #StarWarsRebels #RP story arc performance with the characters Sabine Wren, Bo-Katan, Lorka Gedyc, Ezra Bridger and a few others.

In our story, all Mandalorian children born after 21 BBY are given clan Mandala back tattoos. A Mandala tattoo in real life is a sacred symbol that connects to truth in the Universe. While many races in Star Wars have tattoos, none of the tattoos have been explained beyond an “ornamental preference”. Our story says that tattoos were not just aesthetic, they were also a part of technology. It would seem to us, that Mandalorian scientists and in our case, Death Watch scientists, developed a specialized living tattoo that could be placed on the back to help increase signal memory of the helmet’s HUD (Head’s Up Display). This technology was important to Death Watch espionage and intelligence units.

Eventually the special tattoos could be changed into any form and be placed anywhere. But for this story this is a living “webbed wetwear 1.0 version” that intercalates with the skin, and sends signals to the brain to connect easily to the helmet HUD. If say a Mandalorian looses their head, recording of events are not broken as the signal between the helmet and the tattoo continue until the tissue dies.

What is this webbed wetwear? It’s like a plastic gelatin that contains cells that store exorbitant amounts of data that the helmet cannot store. For this story, the cells can only be obtained from the original Mandalorians species, the Taung. The Taung memory to recall was strong because they hunters and had to be intact in order to have a successful kill in a big game hunt. For our story purposes, Death Watch scientists determined how to clone the cells by batch processing.

They made them into “Clan Mandalas”, and then added “aesthetics” to conceal the tattoo’s true nature.

Our RP Story plot: Sabine Wren was outfitted with her clan mandala as a baby before her mother died while Concordia, a moon of Mandalore was bombarded by strange, new fleet of large-sized triangular ships (Star Destroyers) in 19-20 BBY. Sabine was given to Bo-Katan for safekeeping and whisked away to another planet (Lothal). The data stored on Sabine’s clan mandala was procured during the raid of the Mandalorian Sundari Banking Tower in 20 BBY. The data is what got Satine killed by Maul. The data was erased by Darth Sidious, but he does not know a copy was made. Now in 5 BBY, the Rebels need the data to fight the Empire.


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