SWAG77 Performance: Rising Force, Rebellious Seed – Hidden

Last Years Yuuzhan Vong performance on “Wilhuff Tarkin’s” wall.

Senator Yemaja's Nocturnal Transmissions

Rising Force, Rebellious Seed: Hidden

Conflict: Sleight of Hand vs Force powers

Dramatis Personae:

Plot: The test subjects used to “shape” beings in the Galaxy by the Yuuzhan Vong were varied. Many beings died. Who was chosen was an educated guess. But definitely someone who would not be missed or so the Yuuzhan Vong thought. The Galactic Empire and Sith knew beings were being abducted and surgically experimented upon by the Yuuzhan Vong. Attempting to determine what the best course of actions was in dispute.

Settings: Planet Stephen Stanton

Executor Nom Anor  watches Planet Stephen Stanton ~villip interrogation of The Star Wars Underworld podcast~  Zhaetor Zhae… We…

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