Cole Dines Is Almost Ready

Cole Dines is an actor from London, who is a Star Wars fan.  His Facebook Page is Star Wars Episode VII Fan Suggestions – an unofficial Star Wars page for fan suggestions on the new trilogy for anything from what you’d love to see in the new trilogy and if you’re an actor and think you could bring something to the new trilogy yourself.

His YouTube Page is Cole Dines that is an actor from Essex England that has his acting videos, trailers or showreels, plus anything that he films on his day-to-day travels.

He has a Google+ site that is limited at the moment.

His website is Cole Dines – that has all his professional information and abilities listed.



He is almost there in social media showcasing and now needs “transmedia storytelling” – the linking of all his sites upon one accord.

His Youtube is edited very well and has exciting effects, and it should be shortened to what an entertainment executive or casting agency would want to see. How busy are they? Quite busy. So they would want to see something very quick and intriguing enough to contact him.

His Facebook Page is a GREAT START and is very general. Currently, the Star Wars Facebook Pages are saturated and many of them share the same information with very little added creative content. To generate interest, it has to be exciting, new, vibrant and a bulk of pushes from off-Facebook promotions – such as TFN and the Podcasts, like SWAG 77 Podcast. That is a month project and development campaign.

His Google+ site is limited. But G+ has limits overall.

His website appears like he has put a lot of work into it and websites are hard to do overall without professionals building the site. He as excellent information about his life and work. And an entertainment executive should immediately find any key acting or professional information similar IMDB.  In social media, all the information must array together for one story. Humans interpret corroboration as fact. Such as all names being consistent from Facebook – to Twitter – to Google+ – to Youtube – to Blogs – to etc.

Overall, Mr. Dines as a B+ because his Youtube “audition reel” is good. Keep up the work. Hone our suggestions. Make a timeline to and come back in a month. Then you will be ready!

Feel free to ask questions.


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