Full Screenplay Format Edition of “Kyr’tsad and The Box”

Full Screenplay Format Edition of  “Kyr’tsad and the Box”.

It was performed on Facebook in 2012, which was transcribed, and then edited for the screenplay format in 2013.

Featuring Commander Teti Viba and Lieutenant Bo-Katan and their troops as Death Watch versus the Confederacy of Independent Systems Separatist Droid Army

Death Watch

Death Watch










Separatist Droid Army

Separatist Droid Army













It was very fun to perform. It has been edited for flow and format. ENJOY!

Synopsis: KYR’TSAD (Mandalorian Death Watch) wants The Box – A cube that can train an army, quickly. Located at Count Dooku’s Palace on the planet Serenno, the Box was designed by the criminal mastermind, Moralo Eval. Can Death Watch evade the Confederacy of Independent System’s Separatist Droid Army?

The Box on the planet Serenno at Count Dooku's Palace

The Box on the planet Serenno at Count Dooku’s Palace


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