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Senator Yemaja's Nocturnal Transmissions

In previous blog posts, I have stated why Yemaja Mlise Lah was developed in they way she was. The research and history. But I have received cruel backlash saying why did I choose the “improbable” or “impossible” about Yemaja rather than an obvious story. The fact that Yemaja is alien-human hybrid, half Yuuzhan Vong and half human rather than just Yuuzhan Vong or just human. Personally, those stories are tired and I felt like “hybrid stories” or “biracial stories” really can connect demographics unfamiliar with the full content of Star Wars. Pretty much, I don’t want to just talk about the mainstream. I don’t want to just talk about white people in Star Wars. There are aliens in Star Wars that have been long neglected.

Yemaja was partially Force Sensitive. She was born partially Force present and Force absence. I made her that way to explain her hybrid status. The…

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