We cannot begin to describe to you why it is important to develop your own character and the reasons to do it. This was written in 2009. I did not write it. I only did minor edits with updates.

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FROM: Roleplayer Weekly

Volume I, Issue II – Creating a character


Welcome to Roleplayer Weekly!

This journal of sorts is built with the intent of improving the Roleplay Community’s experience at large with tips and tricks for making your roleplay a much more solid, enjoyable experience. What you take with you after reading is entirely up to you, but I hope you learn something new each issue!

In This Issue

A.) General Introduction to characters
B.) Jedi Character
C.) Sith Characters
D.) Mercenary Characters
E.) Soldier Characters
F.) Civilian/Clerical Characters
G.) Droid Characters
H.) Cross-gendering
I.) Miscellaneous Char Tips
K.) Conclusion
L.) About the Author

A.)General Introduction to characters

Ah yes, characters. The uttermost core of any good Roleplay, if not any. (Hey, one could argue you could RP with abstract concepts.) SO, what kind of characters are best in a RP? Well it all depends…

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