AUDITIONS: @SWAG_77 social media entertainment & performance #StarWars #TFA

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We are looking for the following roles to be roleplayed performed under SWAG 77:

  • Han Solo
  • Finn
  • Poe Daemeron
  • General Hux
  • Captain Phasma

We follow a different set of guidelines than other groups. We abide by the terms of Disney Lucasfilm in how we portray their characters.

Members are expected to rehears often, and the upkeep of all social media channels. This activity takes time to develop. We expect you to read the literature.

We need to see your work, why you want the role besides your love of Star Wars. You have to agree with the main goals of Star Wars Wars Actors Guild 77, Star Wars, Lucasfilm and Disney.

Contact us

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SWAG 77 Accolades

“I have to say going Swag77 was the best choice ever how? In game I play called Star Wars the old republic I play a level 16 imperial agent I’d used to have a hard time in cutscenes choice options (every choice you make in a cutscene in the game will effect your story line) now that I’d joined I’m able to make imperial like choices for an example Terming the execution of a prisoner or enemy. Same effect goes for my Jedi republic story line. I’m going to recommend SWAG77 to a friend of mine who is also into Star Wars”

by AGS

Ultimate Star Wars

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#StarWarsRebels Hypothesis: SABINE WREN (@sabinewren77) WILL DIE

That’s right, we said it. SABINE WREN will die as the next lead character. YES we hate to say that. NO we are not the first to think of this issue. But yes, we hypothesize or guess she will die.

It was this pic that caused us to pause.

That image is of AGENT KALLUS. He knows of the “little Mandalorian girl” and how she can accomplish great feats. In fact it excites him when he encounters her because, she’s not a Force user and is good on the ground. He would also have her file from her past.

Courtesy Bjornwilde

SABINE WREN was in the Imperial Academy on Mandalore. She “dropped out” or so the story goes. She found the Rebels and casually calls them her family. She’s participated in many of their feats. But finding and meeting Ezra, changed her ideas. She does not know enough of her Mandalorian heritage to keep her going, but she does know how to hold her own.

HYPOTHESIS what if AGENT KALLUS captured her and made her betray the REBELS she holds dear through mechanical (a mind probe) or brain wash to get her to return back to the Academy to complete her training?

The REBELS would kill her for betraying them. She would have to decide to go on or leave. The GALACTIC EMPIRE would eliminate her when they were ready.

What would that look like? Why was SABINE always asking about needing to KNOW intelligence – who FULCRUM was? In STAR WARS REBELS season 2, she knows who FULCRUM is, which is spoiler alert: AHSOKA TANO, and now SABINE’S next mission is to find all the REBEL hideouts and notify the EMPIRE. She appears to dodge the ships and blast the TIE fighters she must.

OF COURSE SABINE has no clue this is going on. Why would she have some mind probe chip? Our hypothesis on that is, her father had one and was made to put one in her too. Her father is a Clone — we say Commander Wolffe. She has too many markings on her armor from the Clones and shares many similarities to them to say she is not related to them.


She has ARC TROOPER FIVES number on her right pauldron. An ANOOBA (A TYPE OF WOLF) on her left pauldron. The striping is reminiscent of several Clones’ customizations: FIVES, TUP, ECHO, and KIX.

Then her armor appears more MANDALORIAN in color and weaponry from there.

We say SABINE’S last name WREN comes from her mother. MANDALORIAN children should take on the names of their warrior women mothers. They fought for it. Why not?

WHY SHOULD SABINE WREN DIE? We don’t want her too, but there are many elements that STAR WARS REBELS  will need to introduce and one of them is MANDALORIAN PROWESS. The most famous is BOBA FETT. Since SABINE WREN is not like BOBA FETT, the are a number of machinations they would have to do to justify SABINE’s PRESENCE in a 20 minute show.

Who would win? SABINE WREN or BOBA FETT? He is in the movies…


They could create a story where to save SABINE WREN from the Imperials is to re-integrate her fully in MANDALORIAN life. Basically, BOBA FETT has been asked to do a bounty on her and take her back to MANDALORE or a planet in MANDALORIAN SPACE.

The reason it would be stopped is because AGENT KALLUS want her. He desires her. It would be illegal.

There could be many other stories. Consider joining the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 to tell a better story than ours.

Star Wars Rebels: Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook Hardcover

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#RIP Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee died at his home at 93 years old. He played numerous roles over an extraordinary acting career. The most memorable one to Star Wars fans is in “Attack of the Clones” and part of “Revenge of the Sith” as the character, Count Dooku who was secretively the apprentice Sith Lord, Darth Tyrannus. His work will be long remembered. RIP.

Christopher Lee as Count Dooku

Christopher Lee as Count Dooku

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#StarWars #FanFiction by @SWAG_77: Rising Force Rebellious Seed – The Foretelling: Prologue (revision)

Originally posted on Senator Yemaja's Nocturnal Transmissions:

Korunnai Jedi Knight Djan Mbend and Jedi Master Zora Mbend of Haruun Kal. (courtesy art by James Loveless)

Prologue: Long after the Sith Wars, a group of Jedi were marooned on the planet, Haruun Kal. They and their powerful Force sensitive children lived for several generations in the upcountry jungles in peace. They called themselves Korun or Korunnai. Then aliens and humans discovered Haruun Kal and developed the lower areas into a monstrous metropolis. They named their sprawling city, Pelek Baw and called themselves Balawians. Their city eroded the jungle with their mining excavations, and placed living restriction on the Korunnai in the jungle. That was when the Korunnai started to die. Djan and Zora Mband were the last in their line that had ties to the Jedi Council on Coruscant and a meeting was arranged to explain their goal, which was to build a Jedi temple on Haruun Kal…

View original 32 more words

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The official @SWAG_77 #StarWarsBooks

The official @SWAG_77 #StarWars literature list. Much study goes into our RP performances

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Read The #StarWars Cliff Notes – LISTEN To The @SWAG_77 #Podcast


Interview Alex Damon owner of “Star Wars In A Minute: YouTubeFacebook page.

Star Wars 3.75 Inch Evolutions – The Sith Legacy 3Pk

Lords of the Sith: Star Wars
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#StarWarsCelebration #SWCA SWAG77 Podcast Recap


Listen to DrG- and her SWAG77 Fan Table booth experience at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.

#GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels Tee today!

#GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels Tee today!

Sign the GET THRAWN IN STAR WARS REBELS petition today!

Bioworld Star Wars Galactic Empire Icon Backpack

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LISTEN to the SWAG 77 Podcast at 1 PM US

LISTEN to the SWAG 77 Podcast at 1 PM US WEST COAST TIME on #StarWarsCelebration #SWCA recap

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Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 discuss their memorable moments about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 on Channel 1138

Call us with your question: 1-858-345-2877 while you listen…

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