Happy Thanksgiving 2020 from the Star Wars Actors Guild 77

Fan Art Manip by PM for SWAG77

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The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been working on a storyline about:

The Yuuzhan Vong found an ancient derelict Sith ship with kyber crystal pyramidal holocrons where living organisms can be inserted inside the crystal boosting its power.

The Grysks were crushing the kyber crystals for food to eat.

The Yuuzhan Vong fired on the Sith ship and incinerated the Grysk for such blasphemy.

Hundreds of years later, a kyber crystal activated as a beacon and artifact treasure hunters raced to find the derelict ship.

TY’GEN DOUGHTRYSS (an OC) determines the exact coordinates and gets to the ship first. He discovers the holocron first that flashes and has a living organism inside it.

Have the Yuuzhan Vong learned how to “grow” kyber crystals with living organisms inside them?

How would the Sith like it?

What does it mean for the galaxy?

A living Sith Holocron (left side) made by Yuuzhan Vong scientists (right top) and is a weapon for the Yun Yammka Warriors (right bottom)
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SWAG77: Dedicated To Eddie Van Halen

Fanfic. RIP Eddie Van Halen


#ad https://apple.co/36Ke62J possible remuneration if link is selected

Thrawn exits his quarters on the Chimaera from several projects and battleplans he coordinated on his bridge. Several of his crew salute him after the announcement of his entrance. He regards his command who had the bridge and sticks out his hand to pause for a moment. He walks to the large gray trapezoidal transperisteel window overlooking the vastness of space with stars.

Commodore Karyn Faro inquires about his readiness with his full name and he stares off into the distance until he hears her question. “How-how do you know Commodore Faro?”

She sheepishly fails to follow his line of thinking. “Know what, Sir? Are you okay? Did you rest and relax on Canto Bight as ordered?”

Thrawn throws a beguiling look and an indistinguishable grin, if he ever smiles. “Yes. Indeed. Until the governor lost the priceless painting and behaved utterly…

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We have the affiliate by US EIN identification


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Imahara host on MYTHBUSTERS died at 49 years old. (Source: https://www.etonline.com/grant-imahara-mythbusters-and-white-rabbit-project-host-dead-at-49-149598).

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 was proud to have our first CELEBRITY to agree to pose for our booth’s funtime at DEATH STAR PUTT PUTT (pic above) at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015.

Condolences to Grant Imahara’s loved ones.


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THE FORETELLING – A Star Wars Fanfic: Rising Force, Rebellious Seed

I was told my story was too violent and should not read.

It’s real put into the Star Wars universe before Disney and has the Legend Yuuzhan Vong.

It is about the “Mother Jedi” trope. My character, AUSET LAH, is a lost padawan enslaved by pirates on an unknown planet. By the time she becomes an adult, she is labeled as a breeder. But she avoided being bred until she was caught and pilloried to be beaten by a knout as an example to the other slaves.

While beaten by the orange overseer, a squad of aliens witness the pain on AUSET that only a goddess could withstand. It was by faith that they saved her and took her to their synod.

She is the first Jedi youngling they captured for study.

Read excerpt:

But this time it was different. Presently, Auset hangs from the pillory and severs herself from the Force. But this time, it is as if the Force would not let her go. She sneers at him. “Overseer, the backs of slaves will never pay for your debts to the Corporation!”

The Overseer growls into her ear and turns to his audience. “See how she defies me? I will make her an example.” The Overseer leans in to mumble. “Last chance, baby. My office or my knout?” He flits out the shiny metal claws tied to leathery braids — five in total.

Star Wars Rising Force, Rebellious Seed: The Foretelling
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We’d Rather SHARE Fan Art

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 is founded on creative expression by Star Wars fans as a manner of EXPRESSING ONE’S FANDOM than fighting, arguing, putdowns, bullying and gaslighting creative exuberance. SWAG77 wants to empower, unlock and unleash Star Wars fan potential to pursue their best fandom and contribute positively. Why oppress and suppress that? How far has hate gotten us?

Disney+, a streaming service for a subscription fee, was recently released by Disney with the help of Verizon. One of the many shows on Disney+ is THE MANDALORIAN — a long anticipated LIVE ACTION show with several episodes. Fans could not wait. And when it aired in select countries, the ability to download the show was available. Downloading enables advance digital artists to create images in GIF. Within 12 hours, an episode has essential GIFs that partially expose the story — or SPOILER. Any GIF created (or image or video, etc) in this day and age of social media, it will be shared to larger platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram.

It is the right of the owners and the social media platforms to remove this content should they expend resources to do it. While it may be easy to code, do they want to do it? Disney Lucasfilm won’t because it is free advertisement for them. The Social media companies only take what the copyright and trademark holders direct, which is Disney Lucasfilm.

But SPOILERS… A website can clear up exclusive content, but having fans move to from a large format social media to a small business or fan blog takes a huge expense. It is not cost effective for say a 5000 LIKED page on Facebook. It is much more cost effective to expend energy (and money) elsewhere.

We can refuse to share spoilers, and it is noble. But it is also very privileged. Not everyone has resources like other people because, literally, we do not speak the same languages or understand similarly. And while some Facebook pages can purchase likes, like going from a few hundred likes to 20,000 in 24 hours, we, the SWAG77 will not manipulate fans like that ruining our insights.


The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 MUST raise the concern about STAR WARS FANDOM and the support of numerous fan artists who enjoy the content and laboriously practice under less than ideal conditions just to create ART based on their interpretation of a TV show…



What other fan group besides SWAG77 is going to respect that?




So, SWAG77 will probably be spoiling parts of The Mandalorian when we decide to share exceptional FAN ART from the awesome Star Wars Fans.

We share from Pinterest and Hootsuite to get it out evenly. We have several pages and we want the art to be seen as soon as possible. Then allow fans to go to fan artists sites to examine their portfolios.

Should a fan artist want us to share from a select site that is coordinated, we will do that. We do not repost. The codes are in place from the original tracking location as seen.

If fan artists do not want SWAG77 to share fan art, all one needs to do is message us and tell us not to share with relevant websites or usernames. We will use block codes on all our social media. We know some fan artists want to reject a reach of 500,000+ fans that might view their artwork, some could be from Disney Lucasfilm.

Granted, we will wait to post for at least 12-24 hours for obvious SPOILERS. We do not speak or write about spoilers directly, without cover ups. Anyone who makes a public or harasses in private an spurious accusations will be banned from our business. Complaining will fall on deaf ears because our mind is made. This decision is about business and CREATIVITY and ART.

We are about creativity and art and sometimes there is some discomfort.

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THE MANDALORIAN: Thoughts and Speculations

After watching THE MANDALORIAN on Disney Plus several times, here are a few thoughts and speculations. There will only be minor line and observation spoilers

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Mr. David Oyelowo And Our Block Reasons

In People Magazine “Couch Surfing” Mr. Oyelowo who voices AGENT ALEXSANDR KALLUS in STAR WARS REBELS shares that Star Wars fans disappointment that he voices this ANIMATED character. The animated character appears differently than Mr. Oyelowo — ie The character is white and Mr Oyelowo is Black.


Of course that should NEVER matter. One is a very REAL PERSON, PROFESSIONAL AWARD WINNING ACTOR and the other is a fabricated animation in the mind of artists. What brought this character to life is Mr. Oyelowo’s creative voice performance. Nothing else brings any animated character than a professional voice actor’s performance. To deny his ability is to be racist and bigoted.

There is bigotry in Star Wars fandom. We saw it best with Ahmed who voiced and CG MoCAPped JAR JAR BINKS. The harassment he endured nearly caused him to commit suicide. Only until recently has he opened up to speak about it.

While it is not Disney’s or Lucasfilm’s fault at the hands of racist and bigoted fans, it has proven very difficult to quell ignorances and cognitive biases of some ugly sides of fandom.

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has been at the attacks by bigots since 2008. We have fended of bigots in ways at first that seems cruel, but when encountered, the sufferers begin to understand why we did what we did. From a small business standpoint, our acts are justified, because we cannot afford a large lawyer representation. Disney and Lucasfilm does not support our efforts. Their people were told lies about us and are fearful of our ire. But our ire was in place for our use until their own workers incurred utterly racist and bigoted attack for the last few years. All the while, our attacks are minimal.

We have our hate on our SENATOR YEMAJA pages.

So here is our small business auto block procedures:

Any post or comment that uses profanity without cause directed to us. We delete, sometimes report, and ban the attacker. Those attacks typically look like “what the f*ck is this sh*t” and use of hateful real life epithets like the N-word.

Massive number of posts when we have never interacted with you. Those attacks appear like more that 3-4 posts. We are not rated to deal with your stalker obsessions. We do not DM people we do not feel comfortable around.

Tag team attack. We don’t play that. Those attacks appear like @1, @2, @3-10 on a post that could be about art from a famous artist.

Telling us what to post — you don’t pay for our accounts, you don’t tell us how to post to it. Who died and made you gods? These attacks look like “you cannot say that. You can only post ____________”

Most of character accounts are in character. They will block on any attempts to learn who the MUNDANE is behind the account. These characters are stuck on social media, that is it. No more, no less. Forcing exposure is OUTING what SWAG77 is trying to do. If a user does not agree, move on, there are other accounts. We find irrational attacks, we will block. These attacks look like, “so you hate the [real life political issue today]?” to gain a confirmation of their beliefs than what we are doing — which is Star Wars.

It is our pages, our user names and involves what we are doing, and deciding to force us to admit something from long ago or unrelated to performance will get you blocked and we will move one. With that, we give you an in kind directive and you get snarky, you are ruining our ability to do business on our streams. Either you stay into the agreement or walk away. If you refuse — such as saying I can post what I want freedom of speech–we will block you. We do not go to anyone’s feeds intentionally to ruin their process, but for you to feel entitled to our posts and your not paying us, it is better for us to silence your bad behavior. What this attack looks like is the user intrudes into the conversation uninvited and speaks outside of the primary post, the user account request redirection and the attacker say “free speech, you should feel one over the other, that hasn’t been what I have expected–” the issue is it separates from the primary goal which is Star Wars online.

We do not sell your stuff. Overriding our ad links, will get you blocked. We have affiliates that we meet our business goals, like a fan table at Star Wars Celebration. When you interfere with our money, illegally, we just block since going after you legally cuts out of our budgets.

Refusal to read our blogs and not staying on topic. We are not only doing this for you. We are organized into a Star Wars fan group to portray our fandom respectfully. Just because you do not like one post is your decision. These attacks generally look like “I am going to UNLIKE this page because I hate XYZ Star Wars Established Canon Disney or otherwise” — you will be banned, your comment will be reported and/or erased. We do not care about your approach, it means you failed to read our blog notes on how we perform our MUSES and that we perform under a storyline arc. If you aren’t going to read and respect that, then we feel our accounts aren’t for your interactions.

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Grand Admiral Thrawn In A Movie Campaign By Star Wars Actors Guild 77

Use this meme as your prompt

This campaign has been in operation for a while. The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 owner and members have now got it quasi organized. There are a few final goals and touchpoints we still have to meet with our stakeholders, the fans on the Thrawn In Star Wars Facebook page — given that Facebook does not decimate the owner’s use of the social media platform.

The main question we are asking of Disney as Star Wars fans is do they support and promote READING and CREATIVE WRITING?

In 2014-2015, in #GetThrawnIn, we asked of Disney as Star Wars fans is do they support ART?

Now we are working on READING and CREATIVE WRITING. We think these are things Disney is uniquely qualified to support and promote fully and reflect that in their movie entertainment.

Because to understand THRAWN or MITTH’RAW’NURUODO is to READ the literature. Literacy can be improved in the United States of America.

And the greatest expression of taking what one has read in “reading comprehension” is to creatively write their on fan-fictions.

Of course, this is not to say Disney is obligated to any of these stories, but it is the practice of writing at any age that educates and heals one’s mind as research has shown, repeatedly. Creatively writing, along with reading fiction and art, HEALS throughout all people’s lives — and is that not what Disney strives to tell their their heartfelt stories on the movie screen?

With the Baby Boomer population becoming Senior Citizens who are may have chronic conditions, to connecting with Millennials who have new technological ways to write, this campaign may be the most humanitarian one Disney could ever undertake. It connects generations, all who know who Disney is, as a movie studio and theme park destination. Then, the Post-Millennials will be young adults should this campaign project become a reality. It is SWAG77s understanding that many of the Post-Millennials are some of the most avid readers and prolific writers of their age-group.

Bring THRAWN in a movie is an appreciation by Star Wars and it’s fans of a character by design that supports those ideals:




The story character classification of THRAWN can be villain, but villains are seen as great people in some societies. Or for movie purposes, the screenplay can change the classification.

SWAG77 knows that THRAWN IN A MOVIE is a viable project for the Star Wars fan campaign.

We will use the hashtag: #ThrawnInAMovie

Memes with quotes from the Disney canon, first. Legends canon afterward for advanced training.

We have a dedicated creative writer’s group on ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN under SWAG77.

The SWAG77 Thrawn blog is: http://thrawnstarwars.wordpress.com

The SWAG77 Thrawn Facebook Page is: http://facebook.com/ThrawnStarWars

The SWAG77 Thrawn Twitter Page is: http://twitter.com/ThrawnStarWars — we hope to keep it as long as we can but Twitter rules have been really cruel to us and our business.


  • USE THE #ThrawnInAMovie hashtag for all fan art you think is fitting and why
  • Get your creative writing skills together and contact us — the prompt is the image above if you can’t think of your own story.
  • The only other allowance is SAVE THE YSALAMIRI — that’s more open
  • SWAG77 promotes these stories for everyone to read.
  • Fan Art is on your own but we will use it
  • SWAG77 changes the prompt as needed

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