@SWAG_77 #StarWarsRebels #Podcast: Fulcrum is…

03012015 Finale Vader-1-1

Listen to the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Podcast discuss the Star Wars Rebels television episode, “Rebels Resolve”, predictions for the next episode – “Fire Across the Galaxy” and SWAG 77 activities – LIVE TWEET the season 1 finale.

Visit our Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Fan Table!

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Purchase your power of the dark side

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Want Chiss in #StarWarsRebels? #GetThrawnIn #KissAChiss Get a T-shirt Campaign

By chissexual.tumblr.com

By chissexual.tumblr.com

Buy a T-shirt and show us at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim at the SWAG 77 Table for a prize. Isn’t Grand Admiral Thrawn sexy like this? Why? Yes… Yes he is.


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“I bring order to a wayward galaxy…” @TarkinSWAG77 – Podcast

02082015 SWAG77Podcast-1-1

The Star Wars Actors Guild 77 has an in depth discussion about Star Wars Rebels the show, the characters and their interactions in the Star Wars saga.

Tarkin: Star Wars

Star Wars Rebels The Visual Guide

Outbound Flight (Star Wars – Legends)

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Comm101: @SWAG_77 Adheres to #Disney #Lucasfilm Rules – The Emails

2014 Star Wars Celebration SWAG 77-1-1

Lucasfilm told the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 to adhere to the canon, continuity and timeline of Star Wars in order to perform on social media at Star Wars Celebration.

Won’t make a difference to the nayhaters.

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#StarWarsRebels art by Steve Anderson at #StarWarsCelebration Anaheim. Beautiful!


Special permission was given by Steve Anderson to share this beautiful art piece with for #StarWarsRebels. (x)

The official #StarWars website has posted the posters of all the super talented artist who will be exhibiting their work at the #StarWarsCelebration in Anaheim in April.
I decided to do do something a little different this time around and hopefully the fans of the new show and Star Wars fans in general will like it. It measures 40 inches tall and features all the main characters from the new TV series  Star Wars Rebels. I fell in love with this new Disney series and tried to do something different than what I did for them back in 2013. Please head on over to the main Star Wars website via the link below to check out all the other amazing artwork by my friends.

Star Wars Art: Illustration

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Let’s #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels @SWAG_77 Podcast Proof of Concept Discussion


PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST: #GetThrawnIn #StarWarsRebels

This idea is partially based off of the “CALL TO ACTION” episode in Star Wars Rebels that had GRAND MOFF TARKIN in it. It was an extraordinary episode, but still bittersweet to Star Wars Expanded Universe (EU) fans.

Despite what you think of the Star Wars Actors Guild 77, the fact is, we do love the EU, but we also like positive Star Wars fandom through non-violent action. Our action is to use social media constructively to show Disney Lucasfilm the efficacy of putting the fictional character, MITTH’RAW’NURUODO or THRAWN in the Star Wars Rebels timeline, continuity and story arc. We have to PITCH the idea to Disney Lucasfilm despite the current contracts.

We feel that a strong social media metric can persuade Disney Lucasfilm to reconsider this character THRAWN from the Star Wars EU. Our abundant collection of data: roleplay story arcs, character sheets, financial budgets, social media campaign, voice actor work and videos MERIT a pitch. This is our pitch bible.

We are requesting fans not a part of SWAG 77 to do is to signal boost our piece on all social media channels to with the hashtag: #GetThrawnInStarWarsRebels and use this youtube that gives “proof-of-concept”. To do more, please join our group on Google+

It will take a year to bring this project into fruition, but this campaign is a positive, non-violent and compassionate fandom that brings support and promotes all of Star Wars.

Thank you for your consideration

By Timothy Zahn:Heir to the Empire: Star Wars: The 20th Anniversary Edition (Star Wars (Del Rey) [HARDCOVER]

Outbound Flight (Star Wars – Legends)

The Essential Reader’s Companion (Star Wars) (Star Wars: Essential Guides)

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