The #StarWars Actors Guild 77 Is A #FoundingMember for #FORCEFORCHANGE @Omaze


We have helped UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs for Earth through Omaze and the Galaxy Far, Far Away!

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JOIN the #StarWars Actors Guild 77 Podcast Internship



Do you love Star Wars? Do you like reading about Star Wars? Do you love talking about Star Wars? We believe in great communication through social media. We also have a Star Wars podcast.  Join us to get a memorable experience and prepare for your future as a great Star Wars fan!

Get great experience in the following areas:

      • Social Media Entrepreneurship
      • Podcasting and Radio
      • Broadcast Journalism
      • Voiceover Work


Complete form here:


Star Wars Actors Guild 77 PODCAST TEAMS NEEDED:

  1. Promotions Team – Maintaining Facebook pages and posts
  2. Podcast Directing Team – Show notes, Coordination with broadcaster, Communicate with Special Guests for the podcast
  3. Creative Team – Brainstorms on new and exciting ideas for the podcast
  4. Hosting Team – Get a team of hosts to be on the podcast
  5. Moderation Team – People to listen, be active in chat and encourage others to join in live


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Take Our Star Wars Actors Guild 77 Podcast Survey & Try To Win A Star Wars DVD/BluRay

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Watch #StarWars @TheCloneWars on @iTunes, TODAY!

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REBLOG/RETWEET: #StarWars Movie Electronic Lightsabers 2013 Wave 1 – Hasbro @EntEarth

REBLOG/RETWEET: #StarWars Movie Electronic Lightsabers 2013 Wave 1 - Hasbro @EntEarth

The favored weapons of Force-users everywhere. Awesome spring-out blade for lightsaber dueling action! Extends over 30-inches long. Features real lights and sounds. A true Star Wars fan can’t have too many lightsabers.

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Ready for college? Start with a @Microsoft Surface!






Microsoft Surface!

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Roleplay (#RP) vs Performance and SWAG 77 Social Media Reference Library (SMRL)


Social Media Reference Libraries for #RP in SWAG77

Originally posted on Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77):


There is a difference between what the Star Wars Actors Guild 77 (SWAG 77) does and regular roleplayers do on Facebook and Twitter. SWAG 77 are like costumed players, but we perform on social media.

If you join a costuming organization, you have to follow their “Costume Reference Library” or “CRL” to become a member and to join their activities, such as “trooping”. You can’t make whatever costume you want and say, “I’m a member” without their approval. And while you can appear in your costume at public events, you do not represent the organization unless your costume is approved by their panel of judges. That is what a formal costuming organization expects.

For SWAG 77, we have our “CRL”, which we will call “SMRL” for “Social Media Reference Library”. While our SMRL is a work in progress and “in development”, we know we provide the maximum online presence in character…

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